Infographic of the Week

Oestrogen in milkIt’s often suggested that milk and dairy products contain high levels of hormones that can have undesirable health effects. While it’s true that all foods (with the exception of pure salt and sugar) contain some quantity of hormones, we need to put them into context according to the quantities that we actually consume. According to a peer-reviewed scientific paper available here, bovine milk contains 10 nanograms of oestrogen per litre. By contrast, the contraceptive pill (taken daily by over 100 million women) contains 35,000 nanograms of oestrogen. To equal the same amount of oestrogen as in one pill, the average woman would have to consume 3,500 litres of milk every single day. Even if you bathe in milk (a la Cleopatra), the chances of steroid hormones within the milk altering your body’s metabolism are miniscule.

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