Infographic of the Week

Focus on the middle population w consumersI know that I often spend too much time on Twitter, arguing the merits of animal agriculture with activists or vegans/vegetarians. While we are all unlikely to change people’s deep-seated opinions on dietary choice (indeed, I truly believe that everybody should be free to make their own choices without being preached at), it’s worth remembering that a significant proportion of the population simply want to be reassured that they are choosing food that is safe, affordable and doesn’t have negative consequences for human, animal or ecosystem health. During every frustrating conversation on Twitter or other social media, there are many people seeing the tweets who don’t add to the discussion, but may have their opinions swayed either way – let’s not forget that it’s that the “moveable middle” to whom we are ultimately trying to talk.

For a high-resolution version of this infographic, please feel free to contact me at

Previous infographics are available here.

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